‘Celebrity Apprentice’ All-Stars 2013 Recap – Who Was Fired on March 24?

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Celebrity Apprentice, the All-Stars edition, continued on March 24, picking up where the show left off last week when La Toya Jackson was fired while, for some inexplicable reason, Omarosa was saved from the boardroom drama yet one more time.

To be sure, Omarosa remained on the NBC program as the two teams were given their newest task and the project managers were chosen on Sunday. On Team Plan B, Marilu Henner took the helm to work on a marketing campaign for Farouk’s Blo-Silk. Meanwhile, on Team Power, Claudia Jordan took over as PM while the hair product company’s Chi product was assigned for promotional reasons.

This important effort taken on by both teams was to effectively become an interactive experience that took place inside a glass truck devoted to the project. Marilu and colleagues came up with their so-called “Experience Silk” while engaging Miss USA to be the most important part of their strategy. Enlisting this high profile beauty to promote the beauty product was a real coup pulled off by Henner who had her team get right to work to get the truck rolling, so to speak.

Sadly, Claudia wasn’t so quick to come up with a concept that jelled with everyone on her team assigned this important task. Eventually, though, Team Power decided on a glass truck that would carry their “Chi Wants You to Be Beautiful” exhibit, which was based on a patriotic theme.

After accomplishing their goals, both teams felt they won the competition, with Claudia calling out Omarosa and Dennis Rodman as being the weakest members of her team and with Brande Roderick being called out as her strongest member. Meanwhile, Marilu said her entire team contributed to the success of their marketing campaign for Farouk, only naming Gary Busey as the weakest link when instructed to be specific and call out someone.

After that, the two interactive experiences for the beauty products assigned were compared. In the end, the powers preferred the offering from Plan B, thus giving the Alzheimer’s Association a whopping $50,000. That, and Marilu Henner and Plan B teammates were safe for yet another week on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars.

That also meant that Claudia Jordan and the rest of Team Power was on the chopping block. Jordan did not choose Omarosa (huh?) but instead picked Lil Jon and Dennis Rodman to return to the boardroom for the blood letting. Ultimately, as is often the case, the project manager was the one who was eliminated.

And so, as is tradition, at the end of Celebrity Apprentice All Stars 2013 on March 24, Claudia Jordan was told those infamous words by Donald Trump. With his stern and kind of scary voice (at least in these circumstances), the mogul told the model, “You’re fired!”

After that very familiar phrase, spoken with great authority, was delivered, another of Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars’ fierce contenders ceremoniously bit the dust for this competition, being forced to roll her suitcase away from Trump Tower and off the small screen for good.

After all, for this particular dog-eat-dog reality show, someone must go home every week that the program airs because that’s the way the game is played. With that said, do you wonder who will be leaving next week? You know you do. Stay tuned.

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