‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap – Dionne Warwick Loses Bravado Quickly

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Despite all her huffing and puffing in earlier weeks, this week on Celebrity Apprentice, Dionne Warwick seemed to lose steam very quickly. For the first three weeks of the season, the singing legend wouldn’t take no for an answer and placed demands on whatever she deemed necessary, but Sunday night it seemed her seventy years were catching up with her as she finally gave up the fight.

celebrity apprentice,dionne warwickThe previous weeks of this season of Celebrity Apprentice, Dionne made demands all the way around. Many had their fill. Lisa Rinna was fired after Donald Trump felt she didn’t stand up for herself enough. And this had been after Star Jones and Dionne had bullied Lisa into giving them the lion’s share of the work, then had tried to insist that only their names be added to the children’s book that was created by the team.

Last week it was project manager Niki Taylor who had her fill as Dionne had come to her complaining that Hope Dworaczyk wasn’t where she was supposed to be. All along Marlee Matlin had been fed up with Dionne. In the book challenge, Dionne had insulted Marlee, and last week, she had told Donald Jr. that Dionne only seems to do what’s asked of her and nothing more.

This week, NeNe Leakes had willfully accepted the role as Project Manager. The two teams were tasked with creating thirty-second video ads for a videophone. Dionne had two simple tasks. She needed to go buy props with Hope and also had to enter the video and announce, “Bon jour,” as she was supposed to be the French sponsor of a young woman’s trip to France. She was definitely in relaxation mode while browsing and shopping.

LaToya Jackson was the one person praised in last week’s challenge. She had taken good notes and had a great memory to be able to regurgitate it all later for customers. She became the one person on the team that was the most knowledgeable about the product. This week she complained about a problem with her eye because of Lasik surgery, so NeNe gave her the task of watching the time.

Later in the day, when the team was in the editing process, Dionne announced she was really tired and going to go home, and did end the sentence with an “Okay?” But no one is going to tell this living legend, “No, it’s not okay.” They’re going to just smile and say, “Okay,” no matter how much they think it’s the wrong thing. While having an eye issue, LaToya wasn’t walking out.

The men’s team was much more cohesive. It was oddly cohesive, yet it was cohesive. With Lil John as their Project Manager, the concept was less emotional than the ladies’ concept, and more viral. They went for shocking humor at the end. Their concept had a grandfather, played by Gary Busey, getting a videophone from his grandson. Once connected with him via the videophone, he found his grandson was engaged. At the end, the “fiancé” entered the videophone picture, and it was Jose Conseco.

The only problem with the whole process seemed to once again be Gary. Meat Loaf was really growing more irritated with Gary not being able to think about anything or anyone other than himself. He’d interrupt everyone freely if he had an issue he needed taking care of. No one can deny the man’s acting talent, but he’s not exactly in prime form anymore. Additionally, as the actress appearing as the grandma pointed out, he wasn’t wearing any clothes underneath the bathrobe, and her popping eyes along with the blurred spot on the screen seemed to imply he popped out of his robe at some point.

While the guys knew their concept was a risk, not knowing if anyone would appreciate their shocking humor at the end, it was very well received. The women’s video was just as well-received. The voting for the two videos was so close that it was fifty-three to forty-seven, with the winners being the men’s team.

It did make it difficult for the women’s team, as they were very successful, and everything worked, yet it was their third loss in a row. Whatever isn’t working needs to be fixed. It doesn’t seem to be one person who isn’t working out with the others, but more a cohesiveness between the whole group.

Star Jones can be very tough to get along with, but you can’t deny the woman gets things done. Dionne has great ideas, but she’s bossy and doesn’t do the hard work to back it up. She should have been the one fired in week two instead of Lisa Rinna. LaToya has been wonderful up until this week as far as rolling up her sleeves and pitching in.

Forced to find fault somewhere, the women pointed their fingers at both Dionne and LaToya. Surprisingly, no one is mentioning Hope yet. While they did acknowledge that she admitted not being good at the tasks needed, and just wanted to shop for props, by the time names were being thrown out there to get fired, her name wasn’t brought up.

LaToya fought for herself and said she isn’t just sitting around and is pitching in when needed. It was mentioned that she never went out of her way to help and only did what was needed, but she resented that. Dionne resented what was said about her as well, and believes that she asked NeNe if she could leave and was told she could. She didn’t fight to stay, however, and told Trump she thought she should leave, then backtracked when she saw that as a reality.

Trump had no choice but to fire Dionne. Last week, Niki Taylor fell on the sword and admitted their loss was her fault as Project Manager. This time time Dionne wasn’t falling on the sword, but saying if others thought she should take the blame, she should, yet she also denied doing everything they said she did. It seemed more than anything else, that after she left early the one night, she’s too tired to keep up with the pace of Celebrity Apprentice. If that’s the case, she needed to admit that. It would have gone done better than basically quitting, then trying to take it back.

Yet, what was more bothersome than anything else were Dionne’s angry words to NeNe on the way out the door. NeNe tried to hug her goodbye and wish her well, but Dionne jumped on her for lying about the night she left. She wanted to blame her firing on NeNe saying she left the editing process early. Yet in reality, she wasn’t fired so much as she quit. And when she left the editing room that night, that was exactly what she did.

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