‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap – Trump Fires Busey a Week Too Late

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The people who are elevating Donald Trump’s position in the presidential polls must not be Celebrity Apprentice fans, as it defies reason that someone who could be so cruel would make an efficient president of this country. What he did to Gary Busey throughout his weeks on the show was a great disservice to his character. He was known for being a little nutty, and Trump let all that play out this week to where it was just a plain embarrassment.

celebrity apprentice,gary buseyGary Busey was highly ineffective weeks ago in his first term as project manager on Celebrity Apprentice; however, his team ended up winning, so there was no chance of firing him that week. In the resulting weeks, his team only grew more and more frustrated with his abilities, and Trump always kept him and fired someone else instead, despite the whole team each week blaming much of their losses on him.

This week Gary was the project manager again. It has to be a difficult thing for him to do because of his traumatic brain injury more than twenty years ago. His team has pointed out his lack of focus numerous times, and it got more and more clearer this week. It’s obviously not his fault, yet you also can’t have a business person that can’t keep focused on the task at hand.

The teams were tasked with putting on a live demonstration for Omaha Steaks. They had to prepare some meals and create a variety pack of some of the meat company’s specialities. The women’s team had all the same problems they usually do, with everyone getting frustrated with LaToya Jackson’s meekness, Star’s insistence on doing nothing but controlling others and sitting at a computer, and NeNe just getting nasty with everyone. Yet as bad as that seemed at times, it was nothing like what the men’s team was putting up with.

When the men’s team were meeting with the Omaha Steaks executives, Gary couldn’t even keep focused on the things they needed answers to. He kept asking questions that had absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. Of course that has to do with his brain function troubles, yet it’s completely frustrating for the other guys on his team. Then he changed his mind so often and gave Meat Loaf the lion’s share of the work to do. Meat wasn’t a cook, but because he’s a good worker, he took it on and did a great job with it, as he does every week.

Trump had started the show saying Gary was “either a genius or a moron, and I can’t figure it out.” That’s completely rude and uncalled for. This gave John Rich the opening to say he believed Gary was a genius, and he thought he was doing all this stuff on purpose. It only cemented John’s frustration when Gary referred to him as “boy” and belittled him in the process.

Both Trump and Gary should have been more forthcoming with Gary’s history and his traumatic brain injury. Trump should have told the team about it when they continued to get so frustrated, and Gary should have explained it to his team. Again, that’s part of the role of a good CEO. Had he ever owned up to anything he was being called out on, he could have explained it was a result of his traumatic brain injury. Yet he was all about denying everything, which only made the others on his team even more frustrated.

One of Gary’s few positive points this week was the touching Father’s Day story he told. Sure, it again lacked focus, but it showed the wonderful actor that he still is. His other saving grace was giving all that work to Meat Loaf. Sure, Gary really needed to utilize Lil John and John Rich more, but Meat Loaf is such a workhorse. If you’re going to give it all to someone, it should be him. He’s praised in every task for his hard work, so that was the best option Gary had.

Meat Loaf has also been greatly criticized for his temper. He had to completely restrain himself this week. He had earlier admitted getting help with his anger management. He was surely employing every bit of that management on Sunday night’s show. He sat in the boardroom with his arms folded tightly over his chest the entire time. He even lost his ability to speak. It was clear that it wasn’t that he just didn’t have the words; he didn’t have the right words. Had he started talking, he would have said something he shouldn’t, so he kept mum.

In the end, Trump did the only thing he could do and fired Gary Busey. However, it was such a disservice to him, to let him go after allowing him to bungle this project so badly. He could have easily let Gary go last week after he used his position for his own personal gain and tried to get Australian Sun to hire him on as spokesperson. It wouldn’t have been nearly as embarrassing as him getting fired for his complete lack of focus, something that his team had long grown frustrated with, and something that was the result of an injury from long ago.

Even beyond the firing of Gary, Trump’s handling of this situation should be enlightening to politico pollsters. This man is a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, yet hasn’t even definitively thrown his hat in the ring yet. However, he was very cruel to a man acting as his employee, and someone he said he was very fond of, and it seems like he did it for ratings. Who would he sell out to get elected?

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