‘Celebrity Cookoff': ‘Bright Lights, Big Classics’ Recap

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Tonight six contestants remained on the Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff show. On Rachael’s team Kathy, Carnie and Hines remained, and on Guy’s team Dean, Chilli and Johnny were still standing.

The Challenge

This week the contestants’ cooking skills and adaptability would be tested as they were challenged to run their own diner. Along with menu planning and cooking, they would also serve as the waitstaff. In revising the menu, the teams were required to change some of the diner’s classic dishes including the tuna melt, cheeseburger, and club sandwich. Because team Rachael had the advantage, they were given the privilege of assigning dishes to the celebrities on Guy’s team. They opted to give Dean the tuna melt, Chilli the cheeseburger, and Johnny the chicken club. On Rachael’s side, Carnie took the tuna melt, Kathy the club, and Hines the cheeseburger.

Although Johnny was captain, Dean became bombarded by questions and problems from his fellow team members. Consequently, he became concerned about his own dish. When serving, Johnny decided to be very entertaining with lots of kicks, spins, and jokes. Meanwhile, Chilli and Dean did the cooking.

Next Rachael’s team took their turn operating the diner. In the kitchen, Hines was overwhelmed by the food processor and Kathy challenged by her Seitan bacon. When open, Kathy had no problem serving the crowd and Carnie seemed to be having a ball. Hines on the other hand was overwhelmed and less than thrilled with his task.


When tasting the dishes for Guy’s team, it appeared the audience somewhat liked Dean’s tuna melt. Johnny’s club however received high marks for his avocado sauce and seasoning. Last to be judged was Chilli’s burger. The burger however took lots of time to prepare which held up the service. Johnny decided to throw on some skates and entertain the crowd more to get their minds off the waiting time. Finally, after getting the burgers, it seemed the participants liked the burger but didn’t think it was anything unique or spectacular.

While Guy’s team rested, Rachael’s team would present their dishes. The customers really enjoyed Carnie’s tuna melt, and Hines’ burger with bacon on the inside was also a favorite. Last up was Kathy’s club which included seven layers. She too served a dish that was liked, however, she chose to leave the bacon off which some customers thought was a mistake.

Finally, the winners of tonight’s Celebrity Cookoff were announced. After tallying all the voting cards, team Rachael won again. The top two dishes were those of Hines and Carnie, and the bottom two dishes those of Chilli and Dean. Thus to determine who would stay in the contest, Dean and Chilli were challenged to make a tasty milkshake. Dean chose to make an orangesicle shake and Chilli a chocolate and cookie combination shake. Rachael and Guy thought both shakes were delicious. In summary, Chilli served a more traditional shake that was tasty, but Dean’s shake was more chef-like and elaborate. Thus, Rachael and Guy chose to keep Dean in the contest and send Chilli home.

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