Celebrity Look Alike generator for Facebook doppelganger week!

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The recent news of Facebook Doppelganger week has users of the social media site looking for  a way to match themselves with their celebrity counterparts.  A special online Celebrity Look alike generator does just the trick, to help people put up an image on their Facebook profile of the Hollywood star they happen to resemble.

Facebook doppelganger week is a recent trend on the site that will see many Facebook users uploading a celebrity photo as their main profile image.  This will be of a celebrity who they are often told they look like.  Some people may have trouble with this task, so the third party website MyHeritage.com will give assistance.  There’s a feature which allows users to create a personal collage using just one face picture of themselves.  MyHeritage will then put various celebrities who the person looks like around their face as a collage for posting on sites like Myspace and Facebook.  It will also give Facebook users more options as to who they resemble from the celebrity world.

While plenty of sites exist, MyHeritage.com’s Celebrity Look Alike generator is the perfect tool to use if you want to participate in the upcoming Facebook event.  This trend on the Facebook site could be one that lasts for quite a while too.  So it’s probably best to have as many options as possible when you upload your celebrity picture as your main pic on Facebook.  Of course you can also go use the Look alike generator just for fun to see who it says you resemble from Hollywood!  Check it out at MyHeritage.com!

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