Celebrity Rehab – Eric Roberts Talks to Stepson on Family Day

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One of the best episodes in every season of Celebrity Rehab is the one revolving around Family Day. It all comes full circle for them. Not only do the addicts get to show how far they’ve come in their sobriety, seeing their families gives a glimpse into how the addicts got there. It sometimes hurts the addicts’ sobriety more, and it sometimes helps them. It’s always emotional.

Eliza Roberts, Eric Roberts and Keaton Simons during the premiere of the new movie from Lionsgate THE EXPENDABLES, held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, on August 3, 2010, in Los Angeles. Photo: Michael Germana / Star Max Photo via Newscom

This week’s episode of Celebrity Rehab featured a very important reunion that began in last week’s episode. Eric Roberts’ stepson, Keaton,  agreed to a reunion. They hadn’t spoken to each other since a physical altercation when Eric broke then-teenage Keaton’s ribs sixteen years ago. This week they talked it out, with Keaton forgiving Eric, and vice versa, and in the end they hugged it out.

Keaton and Eric’s wife stuck around for family day with the other addicts and their families as well. It’s always very poignant as addicts face their families and tell them what they’ll need in order to stay sober, and sometimes the families deal head-on for the first time with the addiction. It’s easy when they’re at home to be in denial, but there with Dr. Drew at the Pasadena Recovery Center, it’s hard to deny why they’re there.

The source of Leif Garrett’s problems was very clear. His mom has definitely been enabling him. While his sister and father call him a drug addict, and it makes him mad, his mom is the one who bails him out of jail. Dr. Drew tried to get through to her to get her to see that’s not always the best response. He needs to be left there. She can’t always be there to give him a way out, and in fact she won’t be. She has stage four lung cancer.

Leif talked about a girlfriend who had died. They had been on the outs at the time. She had left him because of his addiction, and he was wanting to get back together with her. She contracted pneumonia and had a hole in her heart, which killed her in her sleep. He wasn’t there for her when she died because of his addiction. He’ll always have to live with that, and in fact the pain of that is what probably keeps him using.

After a touching photo montage of the better times in the lives of these people, before their addictions took hold of them, the addicts went out on a field trip of sorts and stopped at a restaurant. A conversation broke out on whether or not they could still drink non-alcoholic beer. Leif made a comment that he wanted to see if having a beer would make him want to use and took off, as Bob Forrest chased him inside to see if he was indeed drinking.

The previews for next week are of course very leading and misleading, as they always are. They show Shelly Sprague saying she thinks Leif needs to be discharged. This makes it seem like he did indeed imbibe while inside. Yet it could be just another trick. Hopefully, that’s what it is and he’ll get to stay in rehab.

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