Celebrity Rehab – Police Officers Storm In Looking for Jason Davis

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On this week’s Celebrity Rehab, at the end of the episode, police officers stormed into the Pasadena Recovery Center looking for Jason Davis. Confusing matters, he had just walked out of the building looking for a getaway car, but not finding it, cruised back in like nothing had happened at all. Jason Wahler was supposed to follow him out, but it doesn’t appear he had a chance to.

Jason and the others get their cell phones every night for about an hour, then have to turn them back in. He claimed he couldn’t find his, even though he was hiding it in his bed with him. He was caught texting by rehab technician Will Smith and gave up the phone. It was too late, though, as he’d already found out the getaway car was waiting outside. He confirmed that Jason Wahler would leave just after him then waltzed right out the door.

Outside, Jason couldn’t find the car, as it had already left after driving around the block several times waiting for him. Jason Wahler got ready to leave, but it doesn’t seem he had a chance to. Jason Davis got caught by Will walking back in. After which, Will tested him?to be sure in that short time on the outside that he wasn’t using.

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With Jason back inside and once everything seemed settled, a team of cops stormed the building and asked for Jason Davis. And this is, of course, right where the episode ended. It was a little confusing, as he wasn’t on the outside long enough to do anything. Were they following up on something that happened before he entered rehab? Did they have information about what he was going to do with whoever was driving the getaway car?

It was a shame for him to be wanting to leave, as he seemed to be on the brink of a breakthrough. It was a very emotional couple of days for all on Celebrity Rehab, and he was breaking through, just like the others. Although they were all dealing with the physical aspects of their withdrawal they also were dealing with family, how they were affected by their parents’ addictions, and how their children have been affected by their addictions.

Frankie Lons was dealing with the loss of some of her seven children because of her drug and alcohol use, one of them right after birth. This brought Rachel Uchitel to look at Frankie differently after living with her father’s cocaine addiction and eventual death because of it. But it was Eric Roberts who met with his wife and downplayed the estrangement with his stepson.

Dr. Drew Pinsky then met with Eric’s stepson and learned there was much more to the estrangement than Eric had lead him to believe. They had a very physical altercation when the stepson was just 15, that resulted in Eric having ribs broken from a baseball bat and the stepson vowing to never speak with him, again. He also admitted to Dr. Drew that his relationship with Eric was based on drugs, with the two of them doing that together in his teen years, though the stepson himself has now been clean for nine years.

While Eric’s wife wanted to put the blame on him, her son was admitting that she knew they were doing drugs and really never did anything about it. She was essentially leaving her son in an abusive relationship.

And that’s the depth all of them in Celebrity Rehab are now reaching in their sobriety, and what possibly led Jason Davis to want to leave. Their addictions aren’t exactly victimless crimes. They were hurting a lot of people, in the process, from their kids to their spouses and parents; yet the others in their lives aren’t blameless, either, as they either let it go on, were aiding in the addiction, or were abusive in one way or another. It gets very convoluted for them, and that’s the point they were reaching this week. It’s one thing to say you want to be sober, and it reaches another whole level dealing with how this has affected everyone in your life.

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