Celebrity Rehab Update – Janice Dickinson Battles With Everyone

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In this week’s Celebrity Rehab update, Janice Dickinson was driven to battle it out with everyone. She battled with Rachel Uchitel, and she battled with Eric Roberts. She also had words with Shelly Sprague, the Resident Technician who runs the floor and is an addict herself. As Drew Pinsky pointed out through carefully crafted explanations during the two episodes that aired, these addicts are only acting out how they do in family situations, Janice included.

While in these two episodes of Celebrity Rehab, viewers found out that former teen idol Leif Garrett did indeed stay, there was yet another addict wanting to leave the Pasadena Recovery Center. Janice had words with Shelly during the morning meditation, and everyone was already making comments about Janice having to make everything about her. Later in the room they shared together, Janice and Rachel fought. Rachel followed this with a discussion with Dr. Drew, and when he wasn’t willing to agree with her version of events, she walked out, first out of his office, and later the show.

The others were quite upset to find out Rachel quit, especially Leif, as she was the reason he decided to stay, then she decided to leave. In their group session after this, they all explained how they felt, and it came to light that everyone was dealing with her departure with how they would treat a family member walking out. In essence, that’s why she walked out. That is her normal plan of action when things don’t go well. She runs away. This is why she and Leif understand each other. He does the same.

Janice Dickinson enjoys a snack and coffee while on a stroll with a male friend in Los Angeles, CA on September 26, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Janice is different from the others at Celebrity Rehab. Her normal plan of action to deal with things that upsetting is to just stay there and take it, no matter how difficult. She grew up with her mom married to an abusive pedophile, and learned to just take the abuse. It’s also most certainly the reason for her addiction and panic attacks.

That’s what’s interesting about watching this show, the chance to get into Dr. Drew’s head and find out why these addicts behave the way they do. It’s certainly the reason why Janice is so abrasive. In fact Eric Roberts said he is now understanding her more, as she’s basically a nice lady, but her behavior scares him. Just a few hours later, though, he was calling her a very degrading name, one she mentioned she was used to hearing her father call her.

After Rachel returned, and everyone welcomed her, Janice was the lone holdout. She was viewing it as abandonment. Dr. Drew. called in an expert to talk to Janice about her abandonment issues. It made her so uncomfortable to have to stay in that moment and deal with it, and for the first time, she wanted to run. She ripped off her microphone and said she was leaving. The expert and Shelly then sat down to talk to her, and Janice started having another panic attack.

It was pointed out by Dr. Drew that the celebrities here on the show are dealing with each other like they are in a family. During filming, they become each other’s family, and that’s why they all react the way they do. Leif said it himself listening to Jason Davis and Frank Lons argue. It was like listening to his parents fight.

On Celebrity Rehab, the addicts don’t have the benefit of their addiction to deal with it, and go back to old behaviors they developed in their childhoods to deal with uncomfortable situations. What Janice and the others need to do from this point is learn healthier behaviors for dealing with uncomfortable situations.

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