Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 1 – Shaking Our Heads Collectively

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As I was shaking my head last night watching Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, I was sure everyone else was. There wasn’t anyone I watched where I thought, wow, that’s great. All of them had dire circumstances and all were in some type of denial.

First off, the biggest denial of them all. I’m from Chicago, so I will always like Dennis Rodman, remembering him playing for the Bulls, even when he’s acting nutty. But I wanted to slap that guy upside the head last night. As Dr. Drew tried to tell him, if the court demands you go to rehab, it’s for a reason. It’s not because you only drink a couple times a week and have no problems with addiction. We saw on Celebrity Apprentice last year that his drinking was certainly more out of hand than that. But once he was asked about his family and said he had no idea as he’s out of contact and has no idea even when he fell from contact with them, we know that’s the source of all his problems. Hopefully Dr. Drew can get to the bottom of that, but I think there might be too many layers there that need to be cracked.

This was all filmed before Mackenzie Phillips made her stunning admission that she had had a consensual incestual affair with her father, John Phillips. With that, we know we won’t get stunning realizations from her about her past. Yet, we watched last night as she took that first step into recognizing that as the source of problem, as it seemed Dr. Drew was the first person outside of her closest family members that she talked to about this. Not that we’ll hear any more of it, but knowing all of that even after the fact, it will make us understand what she’s going through so much more.

I need someone to tell me what is wrong with Heidi Fleiss’ face. Is that Botox gone wrong, plastic surgery gone wrong, or is that the effect of too many years of drug abuse? She looks terrible. Even sober she looked like she was strung out. It’s interesting to note, though, that while this woman slept with some oft he most famous men in the world, she’s perhaps the loneliest person, preferring to spend all her time with birds. We haven’t seen Tom Sizemore come in yet, but that’s bound to be very explosive for both of them, given their past.

Mindy McCready is another one that needs to come clean. She’s seriously walking in there saying that the prescription drug fraud she did time for was because she was getting drugs for someone else? Both her and Lisa D’Amato have admitted to problems with their moms, although, VH1 bleeps out the words “mom.” Why, I don’t know, as we all know they are talking about their mothers that hurt them, both physically and emotionally. I imagine the bleeping is for legal reasons, but it’s still not changing anything for us.

Even Dr. Drew isn’t holding out a lot of hope for Mike Starr of Alice In Chains.  He now appears to be addicted to methadone, the drug they give addicts to help them kick their other addictions. Once you get addicted to that, where else is there to go? He doesn’t seem ready to get clean, and seems to just be going through the motions of it after all his previous rehab stints. He knows the drill. The same can be said for Joey Kovar. He got on a plane after his first rehab and ordered a Jack and Coke?

Tom Sizemore isn’t the only addict we haven’t met yet. We also haven’t met Kari Ann Peniche, once Miss Teen USA, then on Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, and now moving onto Drug Rehab because of her addiction to crystal meth. Previews show her calling Mackenzie and ugly old woman. Nice talk. Previews also show Mackenzie running to get help for Mindy who is having a seizure. Yet, Mindy still wants to say she doesn’t have an addiction problem? What’s interesting is that the daughter of the Mamas and the Papas seems to be becoming the “mother” of the group.

After being completely wrapped up in watching season one of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, I missed most of season 2. After just this first episode, though, of season 3, I can’t imagine missing one single minute. Yet, it’s not going to stop me from shaking my head throughout.



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