Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 2 – Mindy McCready’s Seizure

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I thought I was watching ABC and either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette at the end of episode 2 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. What’s with the drawn out cliffhangers? Don’t promise us something is coming up right before every single commercial break, then end the show in the middle of it before we find out what happens!

Since the first episode, VH1 has been promoting Mindy McCready having a seizure on the floor in between her and Mackenzie Phillips’ beds. We see Mackenzie laughing at her, then realizing it’s no joke, running out of the room looking for a nurse, yelling, “She’s having a seizure!” We watched that clip repeatedly last week, then was promised it during the show tonight.

Yet, we wait until the end of the episode until we get to this, after seeing it again every commercial break. I halfway expected Ryan Seacrest to come on and say, “And this is what happens after Mackenzie runs out of the room … after the break.” Finally at the end of the show, Mackenzie and Mindy are having a conversation, and mid-story, Mindy freezes up and falls off the bed. Mackenzie is in hysterics, thinking that she’s acting out her story, then realizes she’s not faking. She runs out of the room yelling, and … end of show.

That wasn’t the only thing we had no resolution to. We know that Tom Sizemore is coming in as part of the cast, but he’s not there yet. Bob Forrest seemed to spend the entire episode following up on where he thought Tom would be, but wasn’t. He knows he’s strung out somewhere, and knows wherever he is and whatever he’s doing, he needs to be in recovery. I’m not sure how the timeline plays out, but he’s been homeless, so is that why Bob is having trouble finding him?

About the only thing that was resolved during the episode was the confirmation that Shelly Sprague has the worst job ever. Not only does she have to put up with insults all day long from addicts, she had to clean up Mike Starr’s puke that was loaded with corn. Video tape showed Mike sitting up and puking in bed throughout the night, then wiping his mouth with a blanket or sheet, and laying back down, next to the puke on the floor. The next day Shelly was shocked that Joey Kovar couldn’t smell it, but he’s perhaps done too much coke. Shelly had to go in there first armed with spray, then with cleaning materials to clean it all up. And Mike had the nerve later in the episode to get all cagey and accuse Shelly of pushing his buttons. Would that be a button that makes you puke?

Don’t even get me started on Dennis Rodman who still refuses to admit he has a drinking problem. He couldn’t talk about being at the bottom, and Mackenzie nailed him for putting himself on a pedestal above the rest of them. Then, oddly, they had him doing dishes as part of his community service, which he had a hard time with. I think he should have had to clean up Mike’s puke. Wouldn’t that have been a more deserved community service?

And whoever puts together the upcoming scenes package at the end of the show to get us ready for the next week seems to have taken pity on us. They showed us in a matter of a few seconds what happens to Mindy. She’s okay. She gets loaded into an ambulance and finds out the seizure is a result of some spots on her brain that happen to be where she suffered the most abuse.

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