Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 4 – Tom Sizemore Comes Back … With Drugs

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Because filming has already finished on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 3, and Tom Sizemore is considered  part of the cast, I was pretty sure he would come back at some point. He might not stay, but after he left with the ridiculous excuse of getting more clothes and seeing his kids, when everyone knew he just wanted to go use, I knew he’d stay in the house for at least some of the time. So I wasn’t surprised to see Tome Sizemore come back in episode 4 last night, but I was glad. What is surprising is the amount of drugs he tried to bring in.

Tom was followed in the door by his girlfriend, Monroe, with the excuse of saying goodbye, which was kind of silly. I mean they had probably just spent the last several hours using together. Everyone there knew she was bringing him drugs, and she even whispered something to him about him being “packed,” but that she didn’t bring all of it. Yet she then tells the camera how she’s been dealing with his drug use for so long and it’s time for him to get better. If that’s the case, then she needs to stop bringing them to him. She  spent far more time talking about how he needs to get away from Heidi’s influence, as he spends too much time talking about her. Maybe this girl needs to wake up and see he’s not into her and just wants the drugs.

Once his person and belongings were checked, they found a small balloon of heroin on him in his pocket, which they figured was why he kept his hands in his pockets the whole time. Once he fell asleep, they checked his luggage and found more heroin, some coke or meth, foil, and matches. It’s not like he’s trying to slip himself a few things to get through. He’s planning on seetting up shop in there, yet he didn’t even bring enough for that. It’s like he brought enough for a few hours. On top of all that was several tabs of Viagra. Viagra? Who’s he plan on having sex with, his ex, Heidi Fleiss? There has to be some other benefit.

Tom told Dr. Drew Pinsky that he hadn’t slept in a few days, but after sleeping for two days straight once he arrived at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Dr. Drew suspected it had really been several days. Once he finally woke up, he had a one-on-one with Dr. Drew and admited he needed to get of the drugs as they were “kicking my ass.” No kidding. He said he was clean from 1996 to 2002, and if you check out his filmography on IMDB, you can see where the really good parts in top movies dried up, and he was left with guest shots on TV, video games, and small movies.

It’s too bad Tom missed the talk on everyone there having one thing in common, being really hurt and damaged by someone. I suspect he could have really used that talk. I don’t think Monroe has damaged him, but she’s keeping him in the cellar, just like Jeff Conaway’s girlfriend. Jeff had been damaged really young, but continued that damage by being with pepole that were using him. I think Tom could learn a lot from him.

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