Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 5 – What Makes Heidi Fleiss So Judgmental

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After watching her relate with Tom Sizemore yet again on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 5, I just have to ask what makes Heidi Fleiss so judgmental? This is a person who organized a high profile client prostitution ring. Sizemore did hurt her physically and emotionally, but why the lack of understanding in his situation?

Sizemore is addicted to drugs just as Fleiss is. Drug addiction leads to many more things, often criminal. Their relationship was so volatile that Sizemore did some time being locked up for physical abuse. It’s something that she’s bringing up repeatedly in Rehab, that he made her head bleed. Yet, they were in their drug addiction together.

When Heidi found out Sizemore was homeless, she was appaled, asking how this guy that was making millions per movie could now be homeless. He tried to explain he was an addict, to which she replied she didn’t know. How could she not know? She used with him. At the same time, he blames her for his drug use escalting. He says he was an addict before, and in fact he’s been using drugs since he was 15, yet he blames his downfall from drugs on Heidi. Why can she not empthatize at least a little bit, knowing she enjoyed the ride, at least for awhile, with him?

Sizemore’s moved on and is with Monroe, but it seems this relationship is based solely on drugs. As much as he blames Heidi for making it worse, he and Monroe don’t seem to have any other connection. Dr. Drew Pinsky knows that it will be hard for Sizemore to get clean, only to go back home to Monroe and that situation. He offered to get Monroe into treatment as well, but she balked at the suggestion, and Sizemore then felt the need to leave treatment with her. Will he come back again? If he successfuly leaves the property, I don’t think he will come back. I don’t think Monroe will let him, because of her dislike of Heidi and knowing that Dr. Drew is now onto her. Hopefully Dr. Drew can stop them on next week’s show before they get in a car.

Besides, it seems the key to healing both Heidi and Sizemore is with their connection to each other. Both put so much blame on each other for the reason they’re there. It seems that to truly get them healthy, they need to get to the sources of their problems together and of blaming each other. Heidi has to learn to connect with people again, instead of spending time with her birds.

To run a prostitution ring, she had to be a people person at some point, yet to do that to begin with, I wonder if she was hurt somewhere in her young life, then turned to the prostitution to get ahead, with a lack of caring for others, and after her time with Sizemore, having someone that supposedly loved her hurting her, she’s turned against people altogether.

Hopefully Sizemore comes back, with or without Monroe, so both he and Heidi can get healthy. She can be off drugs, but until she starts connecting with people again, she’s never going to be healthy.

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