Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 6 – Mackenzie Phillips’ Sad News

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There was plenty happening last night on Episode 6 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Good news, bad news, we had it all. But watching this show, I don’t think I’ve ever cried as hard while watching as I did last night.

We had seen a few things in previews dealing with Mackenzie Phillips’ sad news on the phone, as well as a biting comment from Kari Ann Peniche, calling her am “ugly old lady.” And after watching it play out, Mackenzie just wanted to tell Kari Ann they wanted her to be more present and to join them, instead of choosing to be behind closed doors until she felt she looked perfect enough to come out. Kari Ann took offense to that, and with her other comments, it seems maybe her mom never let her be seen unless she was perfect. It’s understandable (as I was following my daughter around telling her to brush her hair this morning) to be upset about that, but that doesn’t mean she needs to call someone old and ugly.

Mackenzie got a double whammy in this episode, though, as we found out what sad news she got on the phone. The call was from her veterenarian’s office. Her dog was there and really sick. He was unsure if “Max” would make it until Mackenzie got out of rehab. As evidence of how far she is in her sobriety, she didn’t want to deal with it after rehab, knowing it could lead to a relapse. She wanted to deal with it now, no matter how hard it was.

Dr. Drew accompanied Mackenzie, her son, and her ex-boyfriend to the vet’s office. She knew she was probably going to make the decision to have him put down, so she brought him some Haagen Dazs. He’s diabetic, and normally she’d worry it would make him sick, but that wasn’t as much of a worry now. She confirmed with the doctor that it was the right time to put him down, and he told her if it was his pet, he’d be doing it. She said her goodbyes to him, and let him go, then went back to the safety of rehab.

That was a very wise decision. The emotions and trauma you feel when you put a beloved pet down is bad enough, without also trying to deal with sobriety. For many of us, we include our pets as part of our family, so to let them go, even if it’s the best thing, is really hard. I just remember our vet telling us when we asked if it was the right time, that she’s never had someone change their mind and wait to have their pet put down, then come back in a few months later and say it was the right choice. She said if you’re thinking about it, it’s usually past the time it should be done.

Moving away from the sadness, there were also some good news moments in the show. For one, Monroe, Tom Sizemore’s girlfriend, convinced him to stay in rehab, when last week it looked like they were both headed out the door. Not only that, she decided to enter rehab as well, although not in the same area of the facility as Tom. It was very healthy of her to help him make that choice. After that, he knew it was the addicition talking. He knew it would have been the wrong thing to do, but also recognized that he would have gone at that moment, as all that mattered was getting high.

Additionally, it may have seemed like pulling teeth, but Dennis Rodman has finally admitted he’s an addict. It took past Rehab graduates Brigitte Nielsen, Rodney King, Jessica Sierra, and Amber Smith coming in and discussing their own addictions and their time in Rehab. They each admitted to their difficulties in admitting it and addressing  it, after we saw videos of them using. Brigitte hit a nerve with Dennis when she said she preferred getting drunk at one point over being with her sick child. By the end of the episode when everyone was affirming they were an addict, Dennis finally said, “Rodizilla. Alcoholic.” He didn’t use his real name, but it’s still quite a breakthrough. Now we need to just get him to open up about whatever it is hurting him so badly. There is something in there pushed down really far.

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