Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 7 – What’s With Heidi Fleiss’ Car Crash?

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Who knew VH1 could keep the news hounds at bay so well? We know a lot about Heidi Fleiss, and her actions have never been much of a secret, including her Hollywood madam business, her clients, and who she’s dating, not to mention her drug use and time in prison. But by the end of tonight’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, I found myself asking, “What’s with Heidi Fleiss’ car crash?”

It was family visit day at Pasadena Recovery Center. Dr. Drew invited in the family and close friends of the celebrities he’s charged with helping for season three.  Dennis Rodman saw his wife and kids, Kari Ann Peniche saw her two brothers, and Alice in Chains’ bassist Mike Star saw his sister, mom and best friend’s mom. Heidi saw … her bird. Well, okay, her friend and sister were there as well, but either editing or reality showed us she cared more about the bird than her human family. She was canoodling the bird.

The addicts were asked to prepare and set up for a dinner party for everyone, and Heidi was upset when told her bird couldn’t be there. She replied she’d take the bird across the street, and she’d go right with him. While the rest of the cast had their dinner party, including a haunting song and slide show by Mindy McCready, Heidi sat across the street in the parking lot with her bird.

Dr. Drew Pinsky tried to get Heidi back after the dinner party, but she wanted to leave treatment and go back to Nevada. Dr. Drew didn’t approve of this plan, but she took off anyway with a driver. Just as we watched her ex Tom Sizemore do a few weeks back, only to show up again the following day on the next episode, as planned, we watched Heidi do the same with the same thoughts. Will she come back and finish her last week of treatment?

In the previews they tell us about the car crash Heidi suffered after leaving treatment. What? What car crash? It sounds major enough and not like a minor fender bender. A little research turned up not a whole lot. But I did find this article at The National Ledger. It states that on her way home to Pahrump, Nevada, the Toyota hit a dirt patch and swerved, then rolled over several times. Fleiss was not driving, and both she and the driver only suffered minor bruising.

VH1 was on the scene the following morning and asked those involved to not talk about the accident publicly, as they wanted to save the story until it aired. TMZ did pick up the story, but it still wasn’t the biggest of news. I don’t remember it being big news at all, but Heidi Fleiss antics have to be pretty big for us to sit back and say, “Wow.”

Heidi is obviously okay. The puzzling thing, though, is if she and her driver weren’t seriously injured, and she wasn’t even the one driving, why the big secrecy? It’s not like this was the result of her addicition. It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t left, but still, why the secrecy? Next, I just want to know if she comes back. I still think she and Tom hold the key to each other’s sobriety. And watching his face after Mindy’s song and accompanying slide show, he just hit something major in his sobriety; all he kept mentioning was how young they used to be. He just missed most of his life. And Heidi was a huge part of that. He could have been her last close relationship with a person instead of a bird. He could have really used seeing her. Hopefully she’ll be back.

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