Celebrity Super Bowl Poll: Who Do Brad Pitt and Other Celebs Predict Will Win?

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The New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots: Who will you be rooting for in the 2012 Super Bowl game on Sunday? And, more importantly, who is Brad Pitt rooting for? The annual Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll results are out, so you can make sure your favorite celebs have got your team’s back. (Okay, so maybe it’s not more important to know who Brad Pitt is rooting for—but it’s still fun to see what they said.)

The celebrities who made their picks seem pretty evenly divided with a slight preference for the Patriots. Some noted their favorite players (most popular being Tom Brady, of course) instead of the team itself. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I can’t pick against my neighbor, especially when he is playing at such a high level. Tom Brady will be the Super Bowl MVP.” Stacy Keibler, George Clooney’s girlfriend, said “it’s hard to go against Tom Brady.” Senator John Kerry agrees, and claims that he would choose the Patriots even if he weren’t from Massachusetts, and that “karma is on our side.”

New York Giants fans for in the celebrity Super Bowl Poll include Maya Angelou, who called the Patriots “terrible losers;” Joan Jett, who supposedly picked the last six Super Bowl Winners; Haley Joel Osment, Rudy Giuliani (obviously), and Steve Harvey. Some celebs are not necessarily rooting for one team, but rather, rooting against one. (Actress Jenna Fischer said, “we are Cowboys fans and we don’t root for the Giants, unless we are rooting for them to lose!”)

Other stars refused to pick a team and joked about their favorites, saying that these other teams should have been in the Super Bowl. Serena Williams said she was rooting for the Dolphins, and actor/comedian Joel McHale said: “Even though they’re not in the game, Denver will show up unannounced and beat both teams at once.” He then said Tim Tebow would show up out of nowhere and say Hail Mary, and then “Mary will then catch the pass for a touchdown.”

As far as Mr. Pitt goes, he would not reveal his favorite team. All he said was, “Oooh, that’s a tough one.” See a photo gallery of your favorite celebrities’ picks here. Will their picks alter your opinions about the Super Bowl? Who are you rooting for?File:Brad Pitt PF.jpg

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