‘Cellmates’ Movie Review: Tom Sizemore a Ku Klux Klan Member?

The Cellmates movie review is in, star Tom Sizemore is back and he’s now a Ku Klux Klan bigwig. The character title is interesting, the actor is not. Sizemore gave a sizable performance, if movie-goers are after overacting and self-indulgence.

Cellmates movie posterHowever, if movie-goers are interested in an entertaining movie worth a few hard-earned dollars, the summer film may disappoint. Directed by Stefania Moscato, the film is about two inmates from completely different backgrounds who become friends and develop a deeper understanding of each other. Sounds like a snooze and it is.

Moscato aimed for a Coens brothers style film but that didn’t happen with Cellmates. The interaction between Sizemore’s character, Leroy Lowe and Emilio (played by Hector Jimenez) happen in a drawn out fashion with Sizemore being forced by kindness and understanding to accept Jimenez who is a Mexican Laborer.

In a real life situation, a Ku Klux Klan member being forced to share a cell with an ethnic farmer would probably result in less talking and more knuckle sandwiches. However, Moscato’s film says otherwise. No matter how hard the shell, everyone’s softer inside can be found. Most people would agree, that’s not really the case.

Folks, there are really no spoilers in Cellmates because the storyline is pretty straight. It’s predictable and definitely worth a DVD watch at home.

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