Cemetery Charges $3 To Leave Flowers For Michael Jackson – Are They Profiting From The Dead?

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It’s been just 15 months since King of Pop Michael Jackson’s untimely death, and it seems that people might already be looking to cash in on his passing.

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA is home to Jackson’s remains, and it’s where fans send gifts to remember the fallen idol. However, new policies at the cemetery are charging fans to leave trinkets for him. Is this an attempt to cash in on his passing, or is there more to it than that?

U.S. pop star Michael Jackson gestures during a news conference at the O2 Arena in London in this March 5, 2009 file photo. Fans, museums and some members of Michael Jackson's family will mark Friday's one-year anniversary of the singer's death on June 25, 2010 with special exhibits, tributes and flash mob dances from Manila to Manhattan. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth/Files (BRITAIN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT OBITUARY)

In a move enacted in May, the cemetery began forbidding fans to visit the mausoleum’s patio where Michael Jackson rests. It’s unknown why they made this move as fans had been gathering there for the entire year since the star’s passing.

Now that same cemetery has placed a policy on fans bearing gifts for Jackson. Since the fans cannot go near the mausoleum, the cemetery has kindly added a policy for those that want to leave gifts. They’ll deliver the gifts – flowers only – to the inside of the mausoleum for just $3. Any gifts that are not of the floral variety will be thrown out, and those gifts that won’t fit inside the walls of the mausoleum will be left outside of it.

Is this a move made to aid fans in leaving gifts for the fallen star since they were forbidden from being near the mausoleum themselves, or is this all an elaborate plan to profit off of his death? Wonder what mother Katherine Jackson thinks of all of this? Perhaps it was she that requested that fans not loiter around the mausoleum in the first place, which is rather understandable if she fears vandalism. However, how would she view the policy where the cemetery is making money off of the gifts that fans wish to leave?

How do you feel about the policy? Is this something in place to benefit the family and protect Jackson’s mausoleum and body or is it all a scheme to benefit the cemetery? Would you still leave a gift if it meant you could not place it on the mausoleum yourself and you had to pay a $3 fee to leave it there? Weigh in below on how you see this policy.

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