Change of Heart

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A Change of Heart

my heart was once a wayward thing

I could not dare to let it rest

a world there twinkling calling me

it all was mine at my behest

a rolling stone collects no moss

I had no love for things serene

for boisterousness was what I craved

threw all at life no sight unseen

so avidly pursued my lusts

ne’er did I choose the noble part

no thought of truth or passing time

indulgent was my wayward heart

my heart now craves serenity

as years like sand have slipped away

enjoyed now precious things I’ve missed

these treasures in each single day

the crickets clicking in the dark

‘til sunrise boils at edge of night

I sit and sounds assail my soul

warm breezes kiss with soft delight

contented here as life moves past

and day by day my end draws near

the young ones race as once did I

I smile and wave and savor here

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The easy description is:Six foot four20-21 stone *280 lbs+*Silver blond hairWhite goateebald on top, full on the sidesI’m large... fast on my feetand built like a brick shithousebut, with a heart as soft as warmc

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