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I’m sitting at my desk typing on a keyboard

That puts the words up on a screen

Something like this when I was a kid

Would have been called a pipe dream


For the most electronics we had in our home

Was a radio that had programs on only at night

We also had a party line telephone

You had to count the rings and be right


An operator would come on the line

And you just said the persons’ name

I don’t know how they did that

Thinking about it taxed my brain


Now in an instant I can send an e-mail

To anywhere on this earth

And get mail from people I don’t even know

Most of it has no worth


So many changes have occurred in my lifespan

Cars that didn’t have to be cranked

Planes came along, and pilots like Lucky Lindy

We’ve sent a rocket to the moon and landed, cannot be outranked


School buses came after I was grown

You didn’t have to walk anymore

I’m grateful for all of that exercise

For my muscles still endure


Of course there came the war to end all wars

A change came over our land

No one shirked his duty, we rose as one nation

And worked side by side lending a hand


I married a Veteran of that War

His mind was never the same

The changes in him when he came home

The war never left him, all just part of the game


Television burst upon the scene

A marvel to try to comprehend

How a picture and sound could get into that box

Radios became passe, gone round the bend


My children road buses to and from school

Until they were old enough to have their own cars

Such a thing was unheard of when I was a kid

They were possessions owned by movie stars


I know it is impossible to stop change from happening

But some of the things the changes have done

Were hard on this earth and it’s people

Industrialization caused smog, clouding rays from the sun


We can’t turn back the clock, we must go with the flow

We should be cautious that we don’t let changes change us

Or take the future of our earth and how we live out of our  hands

A return to Common Sense thinking, that change would be a  plus




he first rule to remember is to include the word “change”1/16/2014″ somewhere in the title. A second rule is to be sure to tag it with Thurs WE, 1/16/14, Change I am still trying to  remember the other rules. It is possible that there aren’t any more but I am not 100% certain just now.




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