Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried Hot or Not? Dear John Movie Reviews Recap

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Dear John Reviews are pouring on to the internet today. Dear John for those not familiar is the newest teary romance movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Other pictures based on Sparks pen are Nights in Rodanthe and the much beloved The Notebook.

The reviews of the Dear John haven’t been great its leads avoiding the blame. According to Rotten Tomatoes the movie has only a 30% fresh rating. The summary of the criticism the movie has received is,” Built from many of the same ingredients as other Nicholas Sparks tearjerkers, Dear John suffers from its cliched framework, as well as Lasse Hallstrom’s curiously detached directing.”

Of course by the third movie we know what to expect. It doesn’t much differ from the tried and true romance novel genre. Which is why I think the movie will be successful. Especially being carried on the back of one of Vanity Fair’s New Wave generation of actresses, Amanda Seyfried.

In Dear John Channing Tatum meets Amy Seyfried while he is on leave. They fall in love and he is sent back to Iraq. They continue their love connection through letters which Amy Seyfried’s writes “Dear John”. A very clever play on the concept of a woman who leaves a soldier in service called a Dear John letter. The couple will have to face many other challenges before they can be together.

Although the Dear John Reviews aren’t hot there is still a chance for it to rise to the top of the box office. Transformers panned by the critics became one of the highest movie grossers last year. I think this one will land safely in the waters.


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