ChapStick in Big Trouble for Offending Facebook Fans

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A new ad by ChapStick caused a stir in social media when the brand’s Facebook fans had a negative reaction to an image they thought was offensive. The image on the company’s Facebook page was of a woman with her ass in the air, bending over a couch looking for her lip balm. The caption asks, “Where do lost chapsticks go?”

All the Facebook Comments Got Deleted!

Apparently, Facebook fan page visitors disliked the image and made their disapproval known by posting comments. The company’s controversial reaction was to delete the comments. Then new people came to the page and also made comments saying they didn’t like the image. ChapStick deleted those comments too. More and more people kept commenting, and each time their posts got deleted. The process became a vicious cycle; the pace of comments sped up to a point where the fan page moderator couldn’t even keep up.

Just when it seemed like the situation would go on forever, the page’s administrator deleted the “offensive” post and added a follow-up post that said, “We see that not everyone likes our new ad, and please know that we certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone! We’ve removed the image and will share a newer ad with our fans soon!” For anyone curious about the unpopular ChapStick image, it can be seen here.

ChapStick’s Response to Their Fans

So, how did they respond to their social media disaster? They issued a statement that said that any posts that were deleted were removed for the following reasons in accordance to Facebook guidelines:

  • Foul language
  • Repetitive messaging
  • Spam-like posts (multiple posts from one person in a short timeframe)
  • Menacing to fans and employees

Since the posts are no longer on the page, it’s hard to determine if the messages fell into any of the above categories. However, since they deleted 100 percent of the photo’s comments, it’s probably safe to say that they were overzealous with their deletion to the point of censorship. Apparently the company, owned by Pfizer, isn’t savvy enough to handle social media.

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