Charges Against Jenelle Evans Dropped

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Jenelle Evans got off of probation in April of this year and things were looking good for the Teen Mom until she and her now ex-fiance, Gary Head, got arrested at the start of summer. After obtaining a restraining order against the Marine earlier in the month, both Jenelle and Gary were in court today to answer to their charges and it looks like things went well and both are happy with the outcome.

Jenelle tweeted, “Court is over. Gary Head pleas guilty to assault on a female and all my charges were dropped.”

While they aren’t corresponding on Twitter (or anywhere for that matter, thanks to the restraining order), Gary Head posted on his personal Twitter, “I plead guilty even though I didn’t assault her. The deal was too good not to pass up. Why fight the case and risk time when I can plea guilty and walk with the bargain. Either way we both walked away happy.”

Jenelle detailed the stipulations, explaining that if Gary Head does not get into any trouble over the next two years, then the “assault on a female” will be dropped. Still, Gary maintains that he never hit her and says that a lot of people know the truth.

Both Jenelle and Gary say that they are extremely happy with the outcome of the case. With this, Jenelle won’t have to appear in court anymore, assuming she stays out of trouble. Since she and Gary Head called it quits this summer, things have been looking up for the Teen Mom. She is currently looking for a new place to live and plans to rid her life of all the senseless drama.

Here’s to hoping things continue to look up for Jenelle Evans!

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