Charice Beaumont Update: How Long Has She Really Been Missing?

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Update: More details in the Charice Beaumont disappearance are becoming available, but they offer nothing to inspire confidence in the search for the missing teen. First of all it’s been revealed that the 14-year-old Provo, Utah girl wasn’t reported missing until around 3:30 in the afternoon. That is approximately eight hours after she was last seen by her family, who had last seen her that morning at around 8:30 before she walked to school. It’s known that she did not make it to school that day, but what happened between the time her parents last saw her and 3:30 in the afternoon?

She is also being reported in the media as Sarah Charice Beaumont, or Sarah Beaumont, which may likely inspire confusion among those who are following the case. All confusion aside, this teen is still missing and a coordinated community search for her has already taken place with no success. Searches are expected to pick up again and continue on Tuesday, but will they be unsuccessful as well?

A website is already up and running to share the girl’s story at, but only the most basic information is up right now. There doesn’t appear to be a Facebook community set up yet, but you can tweet with the hashtag #FindCharice with information and questions — and you should definitely share the flyer. This is a developing case that could go in any direction, so it’s important to stay diligent.

Charice is described as a girl who is always smiling, and is from a quiet neighborhood. She’s a straight A student who enjoys ballroom dancing and has 100% perfect attendance at school. This final detail about the 14-year-old Provo girl indicates that this disappearance is not in the ordinary.

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