Charice Pempengco Releasing 2nd Album: Japan Gets First Listen

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Charice Pempengo is releasing her second album, Infinity. Looking to focus on her music for the time being, there is a big push from Charice’s camp to get the fans excited. The multi-talented actress and young singer have fans dying to find out when her next album will be on the shelves as they adore her music. For some of her fans, Infinity is on the way.

The eleven song album has some of her latest music and it definitely will have fans burning up the internet to find a copy. The only issue is that her work now is available for preorder on Amazon Japan, but no retailers in the United States are offering the music yet. Releasing Infinity for her Asian fans first, the album could have tracks that are different from the American release, but fans won’t know as an American release of the album hasn’t been set.

Charice was last seen at the Teen Choice Awards where she talked about her work in the future. After a rumor of her being pushed out of Glee, the entertainer is taking it in stride. Young, talented and full of energy, she has put her emphasis on music and her fans. With so many fans loving her across the world, she won’t have to go too far for people to snap up those albums and enjoy. Plus she has a big movie coming out in 2012.

Fans who can’t wait to hear Charice’s music can order the album, but be ready to pay extra shipping so it can make the long trip. However the alternative, not hearing the music at all, makes the few extra bucks worthwhile.

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