Charity Auction Offers Celebrity Twitter Friends

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Do you follow celebrities on Twitter? Have you ever wished that your favorite actress, musician or athlete would follow you back? Have you ever wished that someone like Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys or Shaq would retweet your tweets? Now you have a chance to buy celebrity Twitter friends. The TwitChange Auction is happening now and over 180 celebrities are up for bid.

TwitChange is the brainchild of Atlanta pastor Shaun King who founded the aHomeInHaiti organization after Haiti was devastated by the massive earthquake. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to this organization which houses and provides for special needs children.

It seems there are so many reports of those who attempt to exploit social media users for malicious purposes. It’s always great to see people attempting to harness the power of social media to benefit a worthy cause. If you have a little money to spare and would like to be promoted by a celebrity, have a look at this auction. At this writing, it appears you would need some deep pockets to strike up a Twitter friendship with Jessica Alba, but it looks like Yanni could be a bargain.



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