Charles Barkley Defends Tiger Woods and Calls Bill Payne “Uncle Tom”

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Charles Barkley in a Fox interview called Bill Payne an “Uncle Tom” for criticizing Tiger Woods’ behavior. 

Uncle Tom?  What a literary imbecile.  Uncle Tom was black and if you look at Mr. Bill Payne he’s kind of a pasty old white man.  In the interview Charles Barkley said he hope that someone would punch Bill Payne in the face.

Is this behavior of a sensitive black man or a racist black man that strikes out at anyone white that annoys him.

What a jerk.  Before thou speakest Mr. Barkley you should put a harness on that tongue, and God forbid anyone punches Mr. Bill Payne in the face because we’ll see you in court.  Isn’t that assault or something?

This is just reversed racism and it’s ugly any way it’s pointing. 

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