Charles Thomson Breaking Journalistic Records with Truth About Michael Jackson

Considering the media is the machine that perpetuates the negatives about Michael Jackson to begin with, it’s a shocker if a member of the press reports the fair and balanced truth. The majority of media could’nt care less about the facts. But one Journalist in particular wants to set it right. He’s not a crazed fan or a man on the hunt, he just sees some injustices that needs to be set straight.

Charles Thomson: Reaching Journalistic Heights with The Truth.

Thomson is Letting the world know the shady plight of the press and giving the sad but true facts of a scamming family billking another celebrity. The Arviso family perjured themselves on the stand when they claimed Jackson had molested their son, kidnapped them at his house, and forced them to speak in a complementive video. Their story did not add up when it was proven that Jackson was out of the country on tour the times they were at his home. Janet Arviso even made several shopping trips to the strore on Jackson’s dime, before returning to his home where she was supposedly held captive. Her plan of escape from an absent Jackson was by hot-air balloon. No mention of where she would have accuired one.

Thomson, who succesfully shed light on the comparasons between champion boxer Jack Johnson, and Michael Jackson, was able to stick to the facts of the extortion trial againt Jackson. Also noting that the only justice the Chandler family (that accused jackson) wanted was Jacksons money; steam rolling on his generosity.

Not to mention the shameful decietfulness of D.A. Sneddon with his “By any means nessasry vendetta,” spending tax payer money, trying to build a case with no evidence, to convict an innocent man. Makes me wonder how many other innocent men he has tried to prosecute

And the shame and humiliation felt when the verdict came back not guilty on all counts. Media focused so much on Michael jackson’s appearance, and mocked him edlessly, including when he once came to the court house sick, still dressed in hospital attire. Maybe if they focused on the facts, instead of making light of the situation, things would have been differnet now.  And the general puplic would not have a tarnished image of Jackson.


Slowly but surely, people are getting to know the truth about Michael Jackson.

The truth is out there and has been there for quite some time now. Either we search for it,  to see it , or stay blind. If the choice is staying blind, then we can not speak. Can’t discuss a subject we know nothing of, can we.

Thomson was able to clear up the myths surrounding the trial with pure facts, and has the sources to back it up, sources which can easily be found online in less than five minutes, ( I checked, and double checked). Or pick up Aprhodite Jones’ book “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy”.

Now a Journalistic superstar, Thomson has a cult following of fans, knowing they can depend on him for the truth on any subject. He’s a moden Day Journalistic rock star.


The Media Bias Still Continues

Last Week came big news for fans in the return of  Michael Jacksons music being shared for years to come. Some media outlets choose to focus on the demeaning depictions of Michael Jackson. Since they can no longer label him as a pedifile (as some still do), now they try to stigmatise him as a “drug addict,” trying to link his problem with pain medication from 1993, to his Death. He went through it and succesfully kicked the habit. The severe insomnia Michael sufferd from, witch is often breezed over in the news, was treated by anesthesia. Though extreme, it was not used to get “high”, “stoned” or for any kind of recreational pleasure. It was the strongest form of sedative to treat his insomnia. His death was caused by an inhumane high dosage of anesthesia.

I’ve also noticed time and time again, that if positve news comes out involving Michael Jackson, a media publication must always rain on his parade by trying to portray him, or his family in a negative light. Unbelivable? watch for an example next time “good news” on Jackson or his family comes up.


Who’s Running The Show?

Every news outlet has the exact article, same phrasing, not even bothering to change the Head line.  It seems there’s just one source that every one copys and paste from. So who’s the source, who’s the head of the media? I really would like to know who’s running the show? Is there any double checking for facts? Is any of it true??? Are You sure? Members of the press, it’s time to take responsibility, what ever happpend to truth in journalism?

The power of the pen is strong, it can ruin someones life. It’s time to give it a rest and just be fair, look for facts, check your source, and double check them again. Law suits don’t equal good ratings. Relying on tabliod like sources that fall into the truth once in a while does not make them credible. Tabloid sites are in the business of buying and selling, NOT reporting the facts. They lack tact, and sensitvity to issues. News media should have a higher standard, like they used to.

The disrespectful, and derogatory headlines and articles in the media have to stop. Simply do not write or report about Michael Jackson if you do not like him or respect him, because others do, and it’s a disservice to his loved ones when you de-humanize him. Members of the media must have some integrity to their work.

Charles Thomson is a breath of frest air, finaly a true journalist. This man has integrity, and dignity on his side. Please Sir, do not lose that. Many Jackson fans are asking why Thomson is not the one making the reported new documentary, after all his pure honesty is much more welcomed than the fibs and plageristic like yellow journalism of Ian Halperin (who suddenly has now changed his tune to do a puff piece film about Jackson). Clearly expecting to rake in the Money.


Michael Jackson: It’s Time For Outlets to Take Responsibility in Covering the Rock Star

Audio Interview with charles thomson About Michael Jackson


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If I may borrow Thomson’s words

It is time for outlets to assume responsibility for their own content. Websites should not re-host other publishers’ stories unless they can be completely certain that the content is factual. Even if the media refuses to print the truth about Jackson, they should compromise by not printing the lies either. At least that way he can rest in peace.


Special thanks to Charles Thomson for your permission & cooperation




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