Charlie Chaplin time traveler clip astonishes (Video)

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In case you’re wondering what all this “time traveler caught on film” business is on the search engines this morning, it’s a clip from a Charlie Chaplin DVD that may depict a woman chatting on a cell phone.  And it’s 1928!  An Irish filmmaker named George Clarke made the discovery and can be seen below displaying the clip at increasingly slower and closer views.

This so-called Charlie Chaplin time traveler looks like an ordinary older woman (or possibly a man in drag, as Clarke posits).  She walks right-to-left across the screen with her left hand pretty clearly holding a small dark object to her left ear.  There are no antennae or wires apparent and she doesn’t appear to be walking with anyone else.  It almost looks like she might be just shielding her eyes from the sun, except that when she turns slightly toward where the camera is positioned, she is clearly talking.

Clarke says he screened this over and over again for a half hour to 100 people, and no one could offer an ordinary explanation.  But others are more skeptical.  Michael Sheridan of the New York Daily News thinks that she is likely holding an early hearing aid.  But then, who is she talking to?  Maybe she’s just talking to herself, guesses Time.  There’s a lot of room for human weirdness in the world, but never any proof of time travel.

What makes this a little more interesting in this writer’s opinion is that the woman isn’t an extra on a film set.  This is a presumably candid shot of the scene outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on premier day for Chaplin’s The Circus.  But ultimately, there has to be a more reasonable explanation for the Charlie Chaplin time traveler.  Just because there isn’t an obvious answer doesn’t mean that we have to resort to assuming something as fantastic as time travel, but all this imagining is understandable given the high-tech age in which we live.

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