Charlie Crist, Obama Under Attack in ‘Politicians of a Feather Lie Together’

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In the Charlie Crist and Obama web video making the rounds on Friday, clips from promises made by both politicians are shown before the visual and audio creation jumps to segments highlighting them being asked to explain why they lied.

The Nov. 8 YouTube “Politicians of a Feather Lie Together” video was created by the Republican Governor’s Association, so there is a definite bias present. But the facts bear out that while there is a bias, Crist did go back on his promise to Floridians that he would not raise taxes and Obama did renege on his promise that no one would lose their health care policy and coverage due to the Affordable Care Act.

During the American Medical Association speech the president gave he stated, “If you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period. No one will take it away.” He promised, “No matter what.”

But the video shows a Los Angeles woman named Debra receiving notice from her health care provider that she will not be able to keep her plan and they blame Obamacare, stating, “Because of the requirements of the new laws, we can no longer offer your current policy.”

That discovery is also happening elsewhere around the nation, making many people very upset as they feel that the president deceived them about an important matter.

A clip from a Charlie Crist election campaign ad in Florida is featured in the video, and it shows the Republican turned Democrat stating, “I’ve proven where I stand. We can run smarter, smaller government without raising taxes.” But when Fox News interviewed him recently they reminded him that when he was running for governor four years ago he made a flat George H. W. Bush pledge that he would “not raise taxes.” Yet he signed a $2.2 billion dollar tax increase for Floridians anyway, despite that promise.

And Fox confronts Crist in the video, with the show’s host asking him, “Didn’t you break your promise to Florida voters?” And, indeed, he obviously did.

The RGA web video seeks to discredit both men politically, especially in the matter of taxes and health care, which would normally be areas in which they might attract voters. And with evidence supporting that Florida voters experienced a tax increase under the Crist governorship, and some Americans really losing their health care plans despite the president’s promise, RGA largely succeeds in making both politicians look bad and untrustworthy.

The two areas of taxation and health care could prove negative baggage for both men in the future as a result, rather than helpful in any election campaign. But Obama isn’t going to be running for election again as president, so he may not care that his promises made to the general public have now been broken. But if he desires to sway voters to put Crist back in office as governor in Florida then it will matter, since Floridians now know that both men made them promises they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) keep.

When Crist was asked if he thought the president lied when he told people they could keep their health care but they really can’t, he told the Miami Herald that, “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”


Pres. Obama smiles at former Florida governor Crist as he seeks to help get the Republican turned Democrat re-elected in Florida.

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