Charlie Rogers Comes Out as Nebraska Hate Crime Victim

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Charlie Rogers is the woman who was held captive in her home by three masked men in what is believed to be a hate crime in Nebraska. She came out of hiding to speak to the media in a heartbreaking interview before her bruises were even healed. In case you don’t remember, she is the woman was (then unidentified) attacked by men who spray painted “We found you Dyke” on her basement wall after carving horrible words like “c*nt” “dyke” and “fag” into her body. She was bound and gagged, and managed to escape by slithering from her basement with her ankles and wrists still bound. She suffered a horrible ordeal and would be dead today had she not escaped, for the attackers doused her home in gasoline and threw a lit match onto the floor. Thankfully they failed at what they had attempted.

In the video at the bottom of this post, Charlie Rogers explains that she is a person, and that this story needs to come out to show that hate crimes do happen. She wanted to get the word out there that this story is not made up, and to be honest she looks as though she is being 100% honest. The tears in her eyes and the trembling in her voice and body show that this woman is and was terrified for her life. Unfortunately, some people out there think the attack didn’t happen, and even police in Nebraska have stated that they investigated whether or not it was a false report. It feels awful that someone would question whether or not a woman has been brutally attacked, even after seeing her bruises and the overwhelming fear she emanates.

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska say that there are still no suspects in this attack—which sort of feels like they’re trying to let this case die. You know, “nothing to see here, folks.” All too often does this happen, especially in corn-fed regions like Nebraska. It’s simply unfortunate that a woman is still suffering, knowing that her attackers are still at large with there being nothing anyone can do about it. Charlie is still in hiding, and won’t be leaving her safe place anytime soon. Knowing that police are taking their time in locating the three suspects who attacked her it’s probably safe to say that she won’t be leaving her safe house for quite a while. She certainly won’t be returning to her own home where the attack took place.

Watch the video below:

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