Charlie Rogers Update: Group Agrees with Police

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Charlie Rogers faked the so-called hate crime attack she claimed to suffer several weeks ago at the hands of three masked men. She had claimed that they carved words like “c*nt” and “dyke” into her bare flesh before dousing her home in gasoline and throwing a lit match at her. Yesterday it was reported that her claims produced no forensic proof, and that a Facebook post made by her just before the so-called attack revealed that she had planned on doing something drastic. Now a gay advocacy group is coming out in support of the investigators on this case.

OutLinc — a group based in Lincoln, Nebraska — called the Lincoln Police Department “very forthcoming” regarding the investigation into the hate crime hoax. The advocacy group called their role in finding out what happened to Charlie Rogers a “balanced and thorough investigation.” Outlinc also went on to say that false reports shouldn’t and don’t invalidate any actual crimes committed against homosexuals. Hate crimes do happen, and they happen all over the country.

Rogers appears to only be facing charges of filing false police reports, but she incited a media uproar and public outcry regarding the attack she pretended to survive. She made thousands of dollars in donations and garnered the support of nationwide groups over how horrific her memories of the crime were. To know that the entire thing was staged is absolutely despicable and she deserves to face charges of some sort of fraud — if there are such charges for this type of situation.

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