Charlie Sheen Asking $10 Million For “Two And A Half Men” Tell-All Book

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Charlie Sheen has been all over the place lately.  And the world has eagerly watched  and waited as the media reported his every chaotic move.  Now, it seems the former Two And A Half Men star has decided to remove the media middlemen.  He’s decided it’s time to tell his own story.  And he’s not about to do so through another magazine interview or call-in radio show.  This time, he’s going to do it from the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.

Yes, Charlie Sheen is writing a book.  According to TMZ, the troubled actor’s tome will be about “life on the set of Two and a Half Men.“  It will reveal heretofore unknown  details about what really caused “the final implosion” which resulted in the series’s  cancellation for the season.  He also intends to expose the truth about life behind the scenes of the hit show’s entire 8 year lifespan–“the good times and the bad.”  Sheen admits he plans to name names–including the truth about his co-stars.  He’s demanding “at least” $10 million dollars for the publishing rights to his story.

Although his memoir is still a work in progress, Charlie Sheen expects a bidding war to erupt over the rights.  His aforementioned $10 million figure is just a starting bid.

And what is the working title of his tome?  When The Laughter Stopped.

What else?

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