Charlie Sheen Begs to Be ‘Celeb of the Year’

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Charlie Sheen has resorted to begging. No, not for his old job back on “Two and a Half Men.” No, Sheen wants his fans to vote him the “Celeb of the Year.” Sorry Charlie, the award does not actually read “Most annoying celeb,” though he might win that competition in a landslide.

E! has hosted a 64-celebrity tournament of sorts. Charlie Sheen, so far, has used a combo of tiger blood and Twitter to beat back competitors such as Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, and Kim Kardashian (mild upset?). Now Sheen is relying on his Twitter following to maintain his “winning” ways. Charlie’s next target: Kate Middleton.

Can Charlie Sheen use begging on Twitter to knock off British Royalty? Much like our ancestors beat back the British invasion, perhaps Charlie will win. He should win, if for no other reason, he has a Twitter account and Kate Middleton does not. That is right; Charlie will sadly beg his way to a championship.

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