Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker: Winning for the Little People

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Charlie Sheen fever is rampant, and the man is everywhere online. From his Guinness World Record-setting Twitter activity to the thousands of “news” stories about him, he is showing up all around the Internet. He has given new meaning to the word “winning” and is now even advertising for an intern to help him expand his social network. His recent firing from “Two and a Half Men” doesnÂ’t seem to be slowing him down in the least, and it has strangely added fuel to his fire. The good news is that now you have a way to block all the Charlie Sheen chatter from your Internet browser.

If you are one of the many who would like to escape the madness, Tinted Sheen is your answer. This plugin for Firefox and Chrome is basically a Charlie Sheen browser blocker. It will allow you to continue on through the Internet — Sheen-free.

The plugin, developed by Greg Leuch, is his latest fun web tool creation. He also created Shaved Bieber, to eradicate Justin Bieber from your Internet experience, and an app to make an animated Twitter icon.

Charlie Sheen will undoubtedly continue on his path to complete social media domination, but now we can continue on about our days without having to hear about it. Sounds like winning to me!

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