Charlie Sheen Challenges Dr. Drew Pinsky to a Fight

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When Charlie Sheen called in to The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to announce his decision to cease giving interviews, he was mad about more than the greed and treachery of the press.  Prior to his call to Patrick, the former Two and a Half Men star had spoken with K-Earth 101 Live about someone else who had made his excrement  list:  Dr. Drew Pinsky. 

According to the National Examiner, Charlie Sheen has had it with the famous fame-addicted addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  He is especially irritated by the fact that the good doctor has recently appeared on a plethora of programs talking about and attempting to diagnose–albeit in absentia–one Charlie Sheen.  Not only did Charlie have harsh words for Dr. Drew, he also had what he considers the perfect cure for Pinsky’s infuriating penchant for diagnosing people he has never treated or even met. 

“I think me and Pinsky should jump in the ring,” declared winning warlock Charlie, “and he can see how unstable these fists of flaming fury really are. I’ll show you how unstable I am. Bring it! Bring it little man!”

While the ubiquitous Dr. Drew may be “anything but a ‘little man’ in both stature and personality,” he is nevertheless one of the most annoying people on planet Earth.  With all due respect, the man is the medical equivalent of an ambulance chaser which would not be utterly reprehensible if he were even minimally self aware.  For a “healer” whose area of expertise is the treatment of addiction in all its myriad forms–alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, even, laughably, sex–the good Dr. D. has obviously never noticed that he himself is addicted to fame.  The poor man runs after the celebrity spotlight like a starving hound chasing Lady Gaga in her meat dress.  If there were no famous drunks and junkies, Drew Pinsky would be an unknown name, and the good doctor would be an unhappy man.   

Kudos to Charlie Sheen!  Hopefully if he and the doc ever duke it out, it will be shown on pay-per-view.   

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