Charlie Sheen: Custody Drug Test Passed!

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Charlie Sheen passed yet another drug test, which could mean he’ll get to see his twin boys again in the very near future!

It seems that at least for the time being, Charlie is indeed winning – the war on drugs, that is. He took another drug test on March 11 as part of his custody settlement with his ex Brooke Mueller. Today word has it that he passed with flying colors.

This latest test passed could bode well for his visitations with his young twin sons. In fact, it seems that since he did pass his test that he will be able to see them with supervised visits in the near future.

There’s currently no word on how well Brooke did on her own mandatory drug test. There’s also no mention of Charlie’s ‘goddesses’ having to take a drug test, which Mueller had stated in the past that she would want them to do before Charlie was allowed to have the boys at his home again.

Either way, you can bet that there’s going to be a lot of tiger blood flowing in this latest celebration.

Do you think he’s clean for the long haul? Will he be able to properly care for his sons now? Weigh in below.

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