Charlie Sheen ‘Dog Killer:’ Challenged to Fight by Linda Hogan; Trashed by Twitter Fan

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Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards recently accused the former Two and a Half Men star of being an animal abuser. Reportedly, Richards and Sheen once owned 2 pugs together, one of which allegedly died from malnutrition while in the winning warlock’s drug-impaired care. Now, animal rights activist and ex-wife of WWE wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, has come forward with some choice words of her own for the self-styled master media manipulator. In fact, just as the winning warlock once challenged Dr. Drew Pinsky to a fists of fury brawl, so Linda Hogan has challenged him to an “octagon” cage fight. 

“I will gladly step in 2 an octagon cage and shove ur firebreathing fists where the sun doesn’t shine!” Hogan tweeted earlier this afternoon, adding “Bring it on DOG KILLER!”

Strong words. And if Charlie Sheen did indeed starve his dog to death, he deserves them—and worse. A multimillionaire allowing an animal in his care to die of malnutrition is an abomination.

Apparently, many Twitter users agree. “u let ur dog die from malnutrition?” Tweeted one called Jazypooo. “Hire someone to feed ur animals. All ur money and u can’t feed ur dog???  ur not good enough to wipe the s— off [Richards’] shoes! She’s a saint! YOU CHARLIE R AN A–! CHARLIE SHEEN IS A DOG KILLER!… “

Never one to be outdone when it comes to mutually antagonistic verbal pyrotechnics, Sheen responded: “Shut your evil mucus-hole you truth terrorist. You LOSE every time a mirror implodes from your barbed and gristle image. YBW c.”

Undaunted, Jazypooo fired back: “Oh No!@charliesheen is trying to say something to me! LOL! Who can understand all his warlock talk? LOL Just feed the dogs Charlie!!!”

Uncharacteristically, the loser warlock has neither posted a comeback to Jazzypooo’s second post nor has he responded to Linda Hogan’s octagon cage fight challenge. Perhaps a tag-team cage match is in the making—Jazzypooo and Linda Hogan vs.  Charlie Sheen and a goddess diva of his choice.  

Better yet, amusing though he was and may yet be, perhaps it’s time for Charlie Sheen to leave the stage. For his final piece of performance art, he could duke it out in the octagon cage with convicted animal torturer Michael Vick in a huge putrid vat of dog poop.

Now, that would set a new Ticketmaster record.

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