Charlie Sheen Drama: Jon Cryer Has had Enough

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Charlie Sheen drama has been running rampant for months now, and Jon Cryer–for one–has had enough. In fact, he said on Tuesday, “I never want to go through that again.” And who can blame him?

According to RadarOnline, the Two and a Half Men star says he’s glad some peace has finally emerged from the entire situation.

“It was an awful thing to be a part of,” Jon Cryer says of the entire situation involving Charlie Sheen. From Charlie’s drug abuse, the scandals with his hired escorts, Sheen’s abrupt departure from Two and a Half Men, and ultimately the cancellation of the show that had for so long been his livelihood–it was simply all too much.

“There’s so many fans of the show,” Cryer says. “It’s important for us to keep giving them that.”

And it sounds like that’s exactly what will be happening. Jon Cryer is very excited about the introduction of Ashton Kutcher into the Two and a Half Men cast. He says he and Kutcher have great chemistry. The two also share a sort of unusual bond–if you will. Cryer did his very first movie with Ashton’s wife Demi Moore–when he was just seven years old.

So it sounds like life on Two and a Half Men is about to progress nicely–perhaps faring even better than it did when Charlie Sheen was leading the cast of characters. And as for Charlie Sheen? Well, he still looks buzzed most of the time. His goddesses have both left him, and Ashton Kutcher has what was once his job. On top of that, Jon Cryer has had more than enough of his ridiculous drama.

So who’s winning now, Charlie Sheen? It certainly doesn’t sound like you are!

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