Charlie Sheen Gives As Good As He Gets in Latest Rant

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Charlie Sheen dropped another rant bombshell on Wednesday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles when a female security guard gave him the “No” word after he took a smoke break outside.

Charlie Sheen 2012By Thursday it was making headlines, including his ability to give as good as he gets and Fox News gave the cleaned up version of the viral story–sort of, saying the former “Two and a Half Men” star went ballistic outside the Staples Center when the guard refused to let him back inside after he exited, as is their procedure.

He also let loose some typical Charlie language, which Fox dutifully reported: “You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright you f**king asshole.”

Big surprise there. Not.

But TMZ had the real story, and showed that the frustrated celebrity can still give as good as he gets when others want to jump on the bash Sheen bandwagon.

One fan asked him if he had ever done bath salts, to which he replied, “Would you ask me that a f**king dinner party you moron?” not waiting for a reply.

But it’s a legitimate question considering his outlandish behavior–and acknowledged love of alcohol and drugs.

And another fan wanted to clarify his evening plans and score points with her companions, so she quipped “Charlie, f**k all the hos tonight.” But he gave it right back with, “I thought your mother and sister weren’t available?”

All in all, it appears that Charlie Sheen is back in rare form and not as sorry about his past behavior as he told the Rolling Stones recently.

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