Charlie Sheen Halloween Costumes Flying Off the Shelves

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Charlie Sheen may have lost his mind over the past year, but when it comes to Halloween costume sales, the former Two and a Half Men actor is “winning.”

According to reports, Sheen is poised to be one of the most popular celebrity Halloween costumes this year, and the self-professed “Warlock” is personally cashing in on the trend.

Reportedly, the actor has partnered with the Halloween chain, Spirit, to sell Sheen-themed accessories and the goodies are flying off the shelves. Charlie Sheen masks are an especially hot item, with many stores selling out and awaiting new shipments.

Sheen recently got in on the Halloween fun by getting one of the uncanny masks and posting a creepy side-by-side picture of his face and the mask on his Twitter page. He Tweeted: “Got my Halloween costume…all set! (yeah…This really confused the kids!)”

Awesome, Charlie. Poor kids are already traumatized by one dad who claims to have “tiger blood” running through his veins — they probably didn’t need to see double.

Anyway, other items available in the Charlie Sheen Halloween collection include T-Shirts with the slogan “Charlie’s Goddess,” a costume from Major League, a tousled “Charlie Sheen Winning Wig” resembling his hair during that infamous TV interview and some temporary tattoos featuring a few of Sheen’s most memorable quotes.

No word yet on the specifics of the deal between Sheen and Spirit, or how much money he’ll be making off his Halloween paraphernalia. Hey, an ex-TV star has to eat, right?

Will you be sporting a Charlie Sheen costume for Halloween this year? How many Charlies do you expect to see out this weekend? One is enough, right?

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