Charlie Sheen ‘Impressed’ by Ashton Kutcher Affair

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Charlie Sheen may not be the easiest guy to impress (you know because he has “tiger blood” and all), but his TV replacement, Ashton Kutcher, has done him proud. The Anger Management actor gave Kutcher props on having an affair!

“Do you thFile:Charlie Sheen March 2009.JPGink [that’s] intentional? Was it a plan of his? I was kind of impressed… I thought, ‘Hey, man, make it colorful!'” Sheen said about Kutcher’s affair.

This sounds like a dig in a way, because it’s like Sheen is saying that Ashton isn’t as perfect as everyone thought he was. Or maybe it’s because Sheen felt totally defeated when this kid took the helm on his show and now it’s like they have an even playing field. Whatever it is, Sheen definitely approves of Kutcher’s less than clean track record. It probably makes him feel a little bit better about himself in some way.

While Two and a Half Men is staying afloat, most would agree that the show is missing something major… or rather someone. Charlie Sheen was a huge part of what made the sitcom a hit and no matter how many transgressions Kutcher has, he just isn’t a “warrior.”

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