Charlie Sheen Is Not Dead, Latest Death Hoax Victim

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While a few months ago few would be surprised to hear that Charlie Sheen died, the latest rumors making the social media rounds are false. Yes, Sheen is the latest victim of the ever-rotating death hoax. Gossip Cop is reporting that the story has been spreading like wildfire across Twitter and Facebook that Sheen had died Thursday, and they have confirmed it is completely fabricated.

Apparently a prank by the Global Associated News on Thursday claimed, “Actor Charlie Sheen is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today – December 1, 2011.” Though anybody who has been following Sheen in the least knows he’s not doing any snowboarding these days, the rumor spread online anyway.

Luckily, the truth is that Charlie Sheen has been relatively mellow and low-key these days, and at least as of earlier this week, he was in Colombia scouting film locations. Many would say that there are plenty of jokes and rumors that could be made about Sheen being in Colombia as it is, so why fabricate a death hoax that is so clearly not believable? Perhaps some of these pranksters just love to see how far they can take things. So there’s the truth of it: at least for today, Charlie Sheen is not dead.

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