Charlie Sheen Ready to Re-Negotiate With CBS

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Charlie Sheen and CBS might have had their falling out earlier, but it seems both parties are finally ready to make up and let bygones be bygones. What does all of this mean for the future of Two and a Half Men?

It seems that CBS got wind of Charlie’s meeting with FOX executives and they got a wee bit jealous that their star might be taking his act to a rival network. Naturally, they just could not have that, since they would essentially be competing against him – especially if the shows just happened to run at the same time slot as Two and a Half Men. Well, now CBS is begging Charlie to come back to the show, and surprisingly enough, it seems Charlie is interested in coming back as well.

Current reports out by Hollywood Life are saying that it’s almost a done deal to have him return to the show.

“Charlie has always been interested in playing ball. ThereÂ’s over an 80% chance of a deal happening, in my opinion. Charlie will have to schedule a few meetings in between his touring. But the way people are talking, time will mend everything and next season looks very promising. ItÂ’s kind of in CharlieÂ’s court right now,” says Hollywood Life’s source.

In addition, the source seems to think that by summer this will be a done deal and that the current crew on the show will also go along with Charlie’s return. This is all very good news for all of the Sheen and Two and a Half Men fans out there. Expect to see a steady stream of ‘winning’ hashtags in the very near future!

Should the show come back like nothing ever happened, would you continue to watch it? Why or why not?

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