Charlie Sheen Says He “Punk’d” The World–His “Insanity” Was An Act

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Charlie Sheen’s latest revelation may just be the most shocking of all.   In a Wednesday night video interview, the former Two and a Half Men star claimed that his over the top antics during the past 2 weeks were merely examples of him doing what he does for a living:  acting. In fact, all his bizarre public behavior — the machete brandishing, the Sheen’s Korner ranting, even the continuous “tiger blood” swilling– were just examples of “how he deals with media.”   In other words they were publicity stunts, so brilliantly conceived and flawlessly acted that the whole world actually believed they were symptoms of the actor’s mental meltdown.  They even fooled Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“It wasn’t like I was really believing that…itÂ’s a drug called Charlie Sheen,” he chuckled, ” (and) if you take it your face will melt off and you’ll weep over your exploded body!”  

On the contrary.  It all meant nothing at all.  The bizarre combinations of obscure words and weirdly constructed phrases were merely ways “to amuse himself and get people talking.”  And his so-called “meltdown” was an illusion he created for the purpose of dealing with a “transparent and predictable media.”  Or as Charlie calls it:  “a fake engage…a fen-gage.  ItÂ’s about all those b******* words sounding cool all put together. ItÂ’s about shock value…”

When asked how Sheen thinks the media regards him –especially after his deliberate manipulation of them, he replied sarcastically: 

“They love me, they just love me. ItÂ’s a big, warm hug. ItÂ’s like a nude Jacuzzi.”

So, there you have it.  Did Charlie Sheen “punk’d” the world so well that the world actually fell for it?  Or is this latest revelation just another example of his pathological grandiosity and possibly drug-induced self-mythologizing? 

You can watch the video of his Charlie Sheen’s confession on the Radar Online website and decide for yourself.  But be warned; it’s a hard call.   

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