Charlie Sheen Spotted Brandishing Machete in Beverly Hills

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Charlie Sheen may have finally gone too far. He’s obviously gone round the bend–sometime ago. Earlier this afternoon, the former Two and a Half Men star and now full-time “warlock,” ascended to the roof of the Live Nation office building in Beverly Hills, armed with an extremely large, and presumably extremely sharp, machete.  In his other hand, he clutched a bottle of… “Tigerblood?”

According to TMZ, whose paps were dumb–er–brave enough to approach the imploding star and ask him questions, Sheen brandished the “massive machete” and “waved it around in post-termination triumph.”

Between swigs of “tigerblood,” he explained that he had come to the Live Nation building to attend a “a top-secret meeting with some old friends.”

After Charlie finally sheathed his mighty blade, the photographers asked what he planned to do, now that Two and a Half Men is a thing of the past. Without hesitation, he quipped:  “I’m not going to f****** Disneyland, that’s for sure.”

As for his feelings about being fired, Sheen exulted:  “Free at last … free at last.”

Interestingly, Charlie Sheen has compared himself in the past to swashbuckling 1940s Hollywood matinee idol, Errol Flynn.

Flynn was an incorrigible substance abuser who was also involved in a slew of “sex scandals.” The worst of these–and the only one for which he truly deserved condemnation–was an affair with an underage girl, which resulted in statutory rape charges.

So the unanswerable question is: was Charlie Sheen simply emulating his idol this afternoon, or has he finally, irreparably flipped?

Before his death at age 50, Errol Flynn penned a tell-all autobiography titled My Wicked Wicked Ways. Maybe Charlie Sheen should get cracking on his own memoirs.  Just saying.

You can watch a video of Charlie’s rooftop machete shown on the TMZ website.

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