Charlie Sheen Tests Negative for Drugs – Is He Finally Clean?

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Charlie Sheen–known party boy and friend of drugs, alcohol and porn stars–has possibly really proved that he’s ready to clean up his act, once and for good.

As many are aware, Charlie currently is undergoing a rehab stint privately at home, to try to get him to kick his terrible addictions to controlled substances and adult film stars.

Up until now there hasn’t been much press about how he’s progressing. Sure, he had a non-alcoholic Super Bowl party and spoke out about choosing chocolate milk over drugs, but is that just a front, or is he truly becoming a changed man?

CharlieSheenMarch2009Well, it seems today everyone might very well have an answer to that question.

TMZ has reported that Charlie Sheen has had two drug tests and that he tested negative for drugs on both of them. At least for the time being, Charlie is clean!

This is just wonderful news to everyone around the world who has been rooting for him to get better. Most of all, it’s wonderful news to his five children who just might have daddy back in their lives, where he belongs.

It’s still too early to tell if this is the real deal, or if he’ll suffer a relapse, but for now this is an amazing victory for Charlie! It seems that his plans to get back to work on Two and a Half Men by the end of this month very well could happen, which will make a whole lot of viewers and fans very happy and proud of him.

Do you think this is it? Has Charlie finally come clean, once and for all, or will he be back to his partying ways before long? Weigh in below.

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