Charlie Sheen ‘Threatened’ Denise Richards With Physical Harm

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Charlie Sheen might be winning the numbers game with his live tour, but one battle he’s failing to win is the one between him and ex-wife Denise Richards.

The self-professed ‘winner’ has been fighting a losing battle with ex-wife Denise Richards. Richards, who has custody of two of Sheen’s children has deliberately been trying to shield them from his recent antics.

The latest incident of this happened just a few days ago. Sheen had wanted a photo of him and his girls Sam and Lola, however Denise had blatantly refused that request. She was met with threats, so the reports say, due to declining the photo opportunity.

“He wanted to pose in a picture with the girls a few days ago,” says the insider. “And when Denise refused, he threatened her with physical harm,” a source tells Us magazine.

If there’s any truth to this claim, then it seems that Richards made the right choice. If Sheen is that much of a loose cannon that he threatens her with physical harm over not getting a photo with his young daughters, then it’s clearly for the best that he’s not allowed around them. Who knows what he could threaten them with should he not get his way or have the warm reception he was hoping to get. Those girls are still fairly young (5 and 7 years old) to where seeing daddy go off on anyone could be fairly traumatizing. He needs to get his emotions and anger in check more before he should be allowed near them.

However, a source close to Sheen denies this incident ever happened. It’s the classic tale of he says, she says. Who do you believe? The mother who has stayed clean and out of the media circus surrounding Sheen’s meltdowns or the man who’s shown the world that he might have a few puzzle pieces missing? Weigh in below.

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