Charlie Sheen To Get His Own Biographical Comic Book

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A new Charlie Sheen comic book biography will soon be available.  Bluewater Productions, which has published many comic books, is launching a new Infamous line.  The first entry in the aptly named Infamous series will be the life story of everybody’s favorite winning warlock.

According to Radar Online,  The Charlie Sheen Story begins with the actor’s sons being removed from his care by the authorities.  The accompanying caption reads:  “A knock on Charlie Sheen’s door at 10 o’clock at night almost always means trouble.”   The text then describes him surrendering the kids into Brooke Mueller’s care while “menacing-looking” cops look on. 

On the next page, Charlie’s back in his house with the goddesses.  The caption reads:  “Charlie gets to keep the nannies.”  Sounds riveting.

Apparently, the former Two and a Half Men star isn’t directly involved with his comic book’s production.  Nevertheless, it will cover every aspect of his life, including his alleged substance abuse, his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Preston, and his current seemingly interminable meltdown.  

Bluewater Productions has already published biographical comic books featuring  Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Betty White.

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