Charlie Sheen Trashes Plaza Hotel Room Before Getting Back to Business

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Charlie Sheen is no stranger to drunken parties or rehab. Despite his recent stints at rehab after a domestic dispute with current wife Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen wound up in hot water again at a Plaza Hotel room in NYC.


Why Was Charlie Sheen in New York?


Charlie Sheen arrived in New York to visit ex-wife Denise Richard and their two daughters. After a heated custody dispute, the duo is finally getting along for the sake of the children. Circumstances might change as a result of Charlie Sheen’s behavior at the Plaza Hotel.


Photo by: Jackson Lee/ 2010 10/24/10 Charlie Sheen out and about. (NYC) Photo via Newscom

What Did Charlie Sheen Do at the Plaza Hotel?


According to Wikipedia, police answered a call for help at the Plaza Hotel. When they arrived, they found Charlie Sheen drunk in the company of a woman. The hotel room was trashed with a broken chandelier and damaged furniture. Babble reports Charlie Sheen’s room was located next to the room where his daughters were sleeping.


What Do the Police Say about Charlie Sheen?


The police found Charlie Sheen was “irrational” and “emotionally disturbed.” Charlie Sheen was taken by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. E!News indicates an NYC public information officer state the police department is unable to confirm whether Charlie Sheen was unconscious or naked when the cops arrived.


Is Charlie Sheen Back to Business Already?


Charlie Sheen is the star of the popular television show, Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen is not currently facing criminal charges for wrecking the Plaza Hotel room. The hotel has not filed a complaint against Charlie Sheen at this time.


Babble indicates a private jet will take Charlie Sheen back to Los Angeles where he might wind up back at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu. Charlie Sheen has been to Promises several times since the domestic incident with his wife last winter.


However, E!News reports Charlie Sheen will head back to Los Angeles on Wednesday to get back to work on Two and a Half Men. A rep for Charlie Sheen blames the incident on an “adverse reaction” to an unidentified medication.


Addiction and Business


As stars such as Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan bounce from rehab to work to bad tabloid headlines, it minimizes their credibility. While artists and actors are often expected to be somewhat erratic, this behavior is clearly the result of addiction. No matter career a person pursues, it is essential to be alert, credible and effective at work. Anything less is likely to result in disaster one way or another.


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