Charlie Sheen Wants Full Custody of Brooke Mueller’s Twin Boys

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Charlie Sheen will push for full custody of his one-year-old twins, Bob and Max. The twins are a product of his marriage with Brooke Mueller. The couple filed for divorce in February after Charlie’s 48-hour drug and alcohol binge landed him in the hospital.  Is he really fit to be a full-time dad? claims an unnamed source has stated that Charlie doesn’t feel that Brooke is in a position to take care of the children.

The source stated, “Charlie believes Brooke, at present, is not in a position to care for the children with the love and attention they need. He has consulted with a lawyer about what move he can take next.” No further details were given, but the source states that Charlie is concerned about Brooke’s sobriety.

Charlie hinted that things between him and Brooke had gone sour during an interview when he talked about Brooke’s reason for leaving him in the Bahamas. He said, “Goodbye, Brooke, and good luck in your travels; you’re going to need it. Badly.”

As unhinged as Charlie has been acting lately, is there really a judge in this world who would grant him full-time custody? Although the twins have been staying with him since he left the Bahamas, a more stable environment should be sought for these poor babies. After all, Charlie and his “goddesses” are not exactly the best role models.

What do you think? Should Charlie Sheen be given full custody of one-year-old twins Bob and Max? Share your thoughts below.

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